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     For the first time in over 390 years, the complete 1599 edition is again available! This is the Bible with marginal notes authored by John Calvin, John Knox, Miles Coverdale, and many other leaders of the Reformation. It was the predominant English translation during the period in which the English and Scottish Reformations gained great impetus.

     Iain Murray, in his classic work on revival and the interpretation of prophecy, The Puritan Hope, notes, "... the two groups in England and Scotland developed along parallel lines, like two streams originating at one fountain. The fountain was not so much Geneva, as the Bible which the exiles newly translated and issued with many marginal notes... it was read in every Presbyterian and Puritan home in both realms".

     This time also saw the rise of the forces for covenanted Reformation against the corruption and abuses of prelacy and the royal factions. Darkness was dispelled as people read the Geneva Bible and saw for themselves that there is no authority above the Holy Scriptures. Discerning this truth, it became apparent that the civil tyranny and the heretical superstitions imposed by Pope, King and Bishops were to be resisted unto death, if necessary (i.e. because these innovations in church and state were opposed to the Kingship of Christ and the law of His kingdom, as set forth in Holy Scripture).

     Furthermore, this is the Bible that led to the King James edition. James (a flaming homosexual, megalomaniac, and tyrant) did not want the Calvinistic marginal notes of the bible of Geneva getting into the hands of the people because he considered them "seditious;" hence, he authorized the King James Version as a substitute (though the KJV far surpasses modern translations).

     Although most people today have never heard of the Geneva Bible, it was so popular from 1560 to 1644 that it went through 140+ printings. The reason for its popularity among the faithful is obvious: the marginal notes promoted a full-orbed, nation-changing Protestantism! Comparing it to a modern work, such as the Scofield Reference Bible or other popular commentaries, you will readily see that the religion of the Protestant Reformation bears no resemblance to much of the nonsense being prattled today! Contains the complete Old and New Testaments. Deluxe hardcover.
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   The best Reformation translation (King James Version) combined with the best Bible notes of the Reformation (Geneva notes)! A great tool for public, family and private worship and study. Printed from a marvelously clean original copy, surpassing the quality of all other printings we have seen. Contains almost 1000 (8.5 X 11 inch) pages with notes on the complete Bible (Old & New Testaments) making this a veritable library of study and classic Protestant commentary in just one book! Click here for information.   

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geneva bible, reformation, john calvin